In my life I use a number of tools to help me keep organized, stay on task, and live efficiently and economically, with the best chance of enjoying my life to the fullest. Long-term I’d like to do more complete write-ups on some of these things, but for now a brief overview of some of my tools, in case it helps someone.

Task Management and Reminders

I used to use Todoist* as a task management system but ultimately I found the division between my tasks and my knowledge management (and info related to tasks) to be limiting and frustrating so I started looking for a more integrated solution. After doing PKM in Obsidian for a year or two I eventually moved to Fibery, a more business-oriented tool, but one I find very compelling for its flexibility, thoughtful design, and engaged + innovative development team. I also use Google Calendar for certain kinds of events and planning, but tasks are now entirely in Fibery.

Documentation and Organization

I formerly used Quip (no, not the toothbrush) to document, track, and analyze most things in my life. But like Todoist I eventually found it limiting. I have largely replaced it with Fibery, in good part due to Fibery’s full database implementation (Quip just has spreadsheet-like functions, but no real databases, relationships, etc.). In Fibery all my documentation and other info is integrated with proper project and task management.

I do also still use Obsidian for some things, but am hoping ultimately to migrate fully to Fibery. In my ideal world, however, I would actually be able to combine Fibery and Obsidian using a bi-directional sync plugin!

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