Oh noes!

Ladies and gentlemen, the unthinkable has happened (well, not so unthinkable really): my laptop has died. Sadly this may mean no chance of further blog or photo posts until I return. Given my stellar record so far it may not be a huge loss but its rather a bummer as I was about to put up a bunch of Bryce and Zion pictures. But alas fate has intervened.

I will of course be tinkering with my laptop trying to fix it but so far it does not look good. I’m posting this from my new phone and while the typing experience is surprisingly good for a 4″ keyboard, there’s still no way this could work.

Fortunately our trip is otherwise going quite well, despite some annoyingly persistent rain (it really does seem to be following us around). We’re in Georgia now, heading down to New Orleans next.

So friends, wish me luck and email me if you want to keep in touch!

Delayed reaction

So obviously I’m a “little” behind in my blog updates on the road trip. Fortunately I’m starting to catch up now (yes, I know I’ve said this before – shhh!), and I’m also uploading photos from further on in the trip before the blog posts go up (partly because the photos go into the blog posts).

For photos I haven’t been using my Photoblog as much as I expected, though I’ll be uploading my favorite picture from each day there once I select them. In the meantime it’s been much easier and faster just to upload to my Picasa and Facebook galleries immediately after culling and editing. So keep an eye on either of those links for photos to show up prior to a related blog post (could be as much as a few days). Right now I’m working on a batch of Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon pictures, then comes the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. Those should all show up within the next few days, along with more perhaps. Related blog posts hopefully within the week.

Also, don’t forget the occasional YouTube upload. I’m taking a fair amount of video on this trip and trying to upload those along with the photos for a given location. For example, have you seen The Glorious Moose? Or The Gauntlet of Mono Lake Flies? Not to be missed! (especially the moose – Katy took that one)

Sorry about the delays, and thanks to anyone who is still following along! 😉