When Stencils Come to Town

I’ve recently been experimenting with colorful, edible powders, inspired by the idea of a Holi-themed cocktail. Holi, you know, the festival of colors? Right, so I got a bunch of brightly-colored and edible things in powder form, like dragon fruit, matcha, turmeric, etc. and have mostly been chucking them around over the top of egg white drinks and having some good fun.

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How’s it Hanging? 3M Command, That’s How

What follows is a review of some of 3M’s “Command” series of damage-free wall hanging devices. I’m honestly a huge fan, and most people I know don’t use them and even seem unaware of them. So I figured it’s high time I write about them, because seriously how crappy are most shower caddies? I do also wish they had a different name though. “Command”? Not surprising that most people have no idea about this product line or what it does. Also, I’m sorry about the title, I couldn’t help myself.

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Value in the many paths to a “personal wiki”

A few weeks ago I talked about discovering Notion as the latest in a nearly life-long pursuit of the ideal personal information management tool. I’ve discussed in brief some of the info I use these systems for, both in that article, and over the years in-person with people. But I’ve never felt like I had a really good way to show people how useful and powerful it is for me, without directly showing them my own structure. But, since there is a lot of personal info scattered throughout my systems, I’ve also often been reluctant to really share with that level of specifics and detail.

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