Nexcare Waterproof Bandages

After writing a draft of a review for 3M’s “Command” series of wall-adhesive strips and the things you can mount with them, I couldn’t quite bring myself to post it (you can now find it over here). Recommending and reviewing products is still new to me, and even though these are all heartfelt and unpaid reviews, it feels a little like sales, which I really don’t want to be doing. So I thought I’d move on to something more familiar, something everyone needs once in a while: bandages (i.e. “band-aids”). Maybe that’ll feel less like I’m trying to sell you something you don’t need? I sure hoped so. Ironically, though, as I was looking into my preferred bandages, what should I come to learn but that they, too, are manufactured by 3M! Two of the first products I choose to review and they’re made by the same company. Talk about schilling. ????

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