When Stencils Come to Town

I’ve recently been experimenting with colorful, edible powders, inspired by the idea of a Holi-themed cocktail. Holi, you know, the festival of colors? Right, so I got a bunch of brightly-colored and edible things in powder form, like dragon fruit, matcha, turmeric, etc. and have mostly been chucking them around over the top of egg white drinks and having some good fun.

I’m still hoping to perfect the Holi-themed cocktail, both the drink recipe, and the art on top. But something arguably more interesting happened today when out of the blue I realized that I can use stencils to make far more specific and well-crafted designs. And with the vibrance of these powders and various colors, the possibilities are pretty exciting! Here’s my first experiment, a whiskey sour variation (fig and masala whiskies, a dash of scotch, meyer lemon, honey syrup, egg white), topped with butterfly pea flower and beet powder with an octopus stencil. I’m tentatively calling it the Cephalopod Sour. ????

I cut out the stencil just using what I had on hand: a box cutter! I’ll get a proper X-Acto-style hobby knife soon and hopefully it’ll take less time and be more accurate. But given the time and tools I had, I have to say I’m really happy with the results. More to come!

Behind the scenes (below the drink are some earlier tests I did on paper)

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